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Applications have now closed for the 2022 cohort.

Nest Academy

Our mission at Nest Performance is to be the number one marketing partner for ecommerce brands in Europe.

To do this effectively, we’re dedicated to growing great performance marketers who are excited by the potential of working with Europe’s biggest online retailers and delivering exciting experiences for their customers.

Each year we hire a mix of young talent from a variety of backgrounds – both graduates and non-grads – as well as members from the WYK Digital scheme into the Nest Academy to train up and build the next generation of diverse performance marketers.

What is nest academy?

Nest Academy is a 6 month entry-level training programme designed to kickstart your career in Paid Social, providing mentorship and training from our team of performance marketing experts and giving you valuable experience in working with some of the fastest growing and most exciting ecommerce businesses in Europe. As this is an entry-level role no Paid Social experience is required to apply; feel free to browse our other vacancies if you have had at least 6-12 months experience in a Paid Social role.

Skills you'll acquire


Process overview

6 weeks

Foundational training

6 weeks

Hands-on work experience on real clients

3 months

Work experience

*We have 2 check-ins to assess progress midway through the programme and again at the end

Working at nest

Ruby Broad
Performance Marketing Executive

I can’t recommend Nest Academy enough as an exciting start to your career. I find my current role incredibly interesting and engaging, and I feel it has the perfect mix of creativity and analytics. You grow in confidence and ability quickly, and before you know it you’ll be building campaigns and making budget shifts. By 3 months in you’ll have built a solid foundation in paid social. Read more

Candidate requirements

A Head for Data Analysis

Enjoy drawing patterns out of complex data sets? Love that ‘AHA!’ moment when you've found a trend? You’ll be looking into data daily, working quickly to establish trends and take actions, so data numeracy, excel proficiency and a deep curiosity is key!


Creative is a key aspect of paid social, so we’re looking for creative individuals who love coming up with new and exciting ideas to test based on performance data.

Great Communication skills

Our roles are client-facing right from the start, so we’re looking for friendly, confident people who love a chat and are energized by client interaction!

Entrepreneurial Thinker

Though we work in teams, there is a real need to be a strong independent thinker, thinking outside of the box and big picture to solve client-specific issues in real-time.

Industry Interest

The world of paid social is ever-changing, so a natural affinity for all things social and a curiosity about how it shapes the world is a must!

Team Player

We work in teams, so needs to work well in groups, as well as flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to learn

Application proCess


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Timed Task

Complete a 2 hour timed task (data manipulation and questions)



Three interviews
with the 
Nest team

Academy timeline

week 01

Introduction to Facebook

week 02


week 03


week 04

Account Management + Deep Dives

week 05

Client 1 Onboarding

week 06

Client 1 Daily Tasks

week 07

Client 2 Onboarding

week 08

Client 2 Daily Tasks

About Nest

our leadership

Nest was founded by ex-Facebook and Google employees Will, Stefan and Luke who grew their careers on paid social starting in 2010. They wanted to create a team of experts that would provide exceptional client service centred around deep domain knowledge and a thorough grasp on how ecommerce businesses operate beyond paid social while providing exceptional agency work/life balance.

our values


We love working with independent thinkers and doers, and we've hired you because you're the best at what you do and because of what you're capable of doing. We think therefore giving you the space to operate, within boundaries you understand, gets the best both out of you and the company.


It's a trait of high performers to believe that things can always be improved. We want people to feel safe in trying to make things better and not settle for mediocrity; including challenging engrained working patterns. The world evolves and so we need to also.


We value independent thinkers who are interested in the world around them. Your curiosity is what makes Nest a stimulating and engaging place to both work and flourish.


We want people to improve our work, our processes and our strengths at every opportunity. Knowing that you can make mistakes without the world crashing down around you is essential to that.


To be credible with clients and take the lead on their strategy we need to understand how our work fits in with their business objectives. We also need to understand how our work affects our own business evolution and growth.


We believe that working crazy hours is a sign of inefficiency more than commitment. Our minds need time and space to breathe. We hire high performers because they know and learn how to self-regulate so that they are working and living optimally.


We want to enjoy being at work and to get on with the people we work with. Our best people share a number of human characteristics such as empathy, respect, and humility. This applies to how we interact with both our clients and each other.


To build a scalable business we need people who think in systems and place process and automation at the centre of how they operate. This makes us all more efficient, giving us more time to focus on keeping our clients ahead of the market and buying us headspace.


We believe it's an important natural reflex to want to try to solve problems yourself. We cherish this in the people we work with.

Diversity & inclusion

At Nest we believe in creating a collaborative culture where everyone feels welcome and valued regardless of their background and experiences, and as an individual in their own right. We feel diversity should not only be acknowledged and respected but also celebrated, encouraged and promoted. We know we still have some work to do which is why we have a Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee with the goal to promote diversity, design a more inclusive workplace and make a positive impact in our local community.

The Steering Committee presents back to the business on a quarterly basis to update on progress made across four key areas:


Provide relevant training at all levels and raise awareness on important cultural topics


Revise current policies and processes to ensure fairness and transparency

Community Engagment

Have a tangible impact in our community through volunteering and support of local organisations


Cultivate a culture of mutual respect and instil a sense of responsibility across the agency to promote and celebrate diversity

Our Clients



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How Nest scaled maternity-brand Seraphine and unlocked paid social as a core growth channel

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