Nest Performance is a Facebook Premium Marketing Partner

Nest Facebook Marketing Partner

We’re one of just a handful of Facebook Marketing Partners with Premium status in the UK.

That means Facebook has selected us as a partner that delivers best-practice Facebook campaigns and demonstrates the platform’s potential as a channel for growing customer acquisition in new markets.

The accolade also recognises our calibre as paid social ecommerce experts in a crowded market of social advertisers trying to do it all.

From developing strategies that tap into the very latest opportunities on Facebook through to delivering high-performing campaigns, Facebook’s recommendation puts us at the top of our class.

Facebook defines Premium Partners as companies that demonstrate best-in-class campaign management and drive market-beating ad performance.

Nest Facebook Marketing Partner

What benefits do Facebook give us as a Premium Marketing Partner?

As a Premium Marketing Partner, Nest Performance has more direct access to insight, support, and tools from Facebook.

Our relationship with Facebook means we’re always ahead of the curve on new product developments and opportunities to improve the performance of campaigns. 

We’re also in constant contact with a dedicated Facebook account manager who helps us hone our approach to scaling ecommerce clients into new markets.

Our role as a Facebook Premium Marketing Partner gives us access to tools and services, many of which are unavailable to standard Marketing Partners.

  • Consultations on our creative campaigns
  • Product developments
  • Industry insights Facebook is seeing
  • Access to Facebook’s Summits
  • Attribution and measurement techniques
  • Fast-tracked support
  • Access to exclusive research

What works on paid social is changing quickly. The Nest team is completely dedicated to growing ecommerce businesses with paid social, so we’ll help your campaigns keep up with the state of play.


Putting our partnership into practice

Our partnership on Facebook is much more than just a badge we share on our site.

Through close cooperation, our partnership defines how our approach delivers results for our ecommerce clients, from developing campaigns through to delivering results.

Facebook recently showcased the work our team has done with ME+EM a catalogue retailer we helped become digital-first with Facebook-led customer growth.

“By combining engaging ads, highly relevant broad audiences and the global product catalogue, we proved that performance-driven campaigns increase brand awareness.”

  • More than 90,000 people reached
  • 34% increase in purchases
  • 40-point lift in ad recall
  • 25-point lift in unaided brand awareness

To learn more about our partnership with Facebook, go to our page on Facebook’s marketing partner directory.