Prepare your Facebook Campaigns for Black Friday and Xmas with our Checklist

Tom Wiseman Nest Performance Team

Written by Tom Wiseman

3rd August, 2020

Nest Prep for Q4 Checklist

Have you started preparing your Facebook accounts for Black Friday and Christmas yet? 

If you haven’t started, you should. Although you won’t be the only ecommerce business to leave it too late, you will miss opportunities to out-perform your competition and drive more sales.

Every year what works on Facebook the Black Friday and Christmas period changes, and with the events of this year, we’re expecting a bigger change than ever. 

That’s why we’ve built a 33-point checklist that goes through everything you need to think about as you prepare for Black Friday and Christmas in 2020.

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities to beat last year’s holiday sales or you’re tuning your Facebook account for the holiday season for the first time, the checklist helps you drive more sales at a lower cost per sale.


What is the Facebook Q4 Checklist?

Our Facebook Q4 checklist helps you prepare for Black Friday and Christmas by making a recommendations for your Facebook accounts and campaigns that set you up for success at the end of the year.

These campaigns are based on best practice we’ve developed at Nest Performance, and Facebook’s own guidelines, such as the Power5.

You’ll find the checklist useful if you

  • Want to understand opportunities to drive more revenue 
  • Want to understand how to correctly structure your campaigns for seasonal offers
  • Are used to doing the same thing every year and want to improve teh way you run your Facebook ads

How the Facebook Q4 Checklist works

The checklist is a Google Sheet that takes you through everything you need to prepare your Facebook campaigns ahead of the holiday season in Q4.

We’ve split all the the different elements of preparing for the holiday season into different parts. These range from elements of basic account structure through to strategies to drive more sales.

  • Technical set-up
  • Cross-border
  • Attribution
  • Campaign set up
  • Audience
  • Creative
  • Catalogue
Nest Facebook Ecommerce Q4


How to use the Checklist

The checklist is hosted on Google Sheets. If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to sign up for one here.

Then you’ll need to access the checklist and make a copy of the Google Sheet for yourself by going to File > Make a Copy.

Now save that copy to your Google Drive and you’re ready to start using the checklist.

Now you’ve got access to your very own checklist, there are only a couple of steps left to follow.


Step One

Answer the first two questions to get our recommendation on how much your business needs to prepare for the holiday season.

Our recommendation is based on the amount you spend on Facebook ads and the percentage increase in sales you expect to see in the holiday season vs a normal trading period.

There’s no need to complete the whole checklist if you’re not spending much on Facebook and there’s no major step-up in sales planned between Q3 and Q4.

Recommendation Q4 Facebook Checklist

Step Two

Next you want to tick off as many boxes as are currently relevant to your Facebook set up.

You’ll probably want to tag your team next to any actions that you still need to complete. And every time you come back to the checklist, you’ll tick off what you’ve done.

When you’ve completed our recommendations, you’ll be set up for success in Q4.

Nest Facebook Black Friday Xmas Checklist


What to do when you’ve completed your checklist

When your checklist is complete, you’ll know what you need to do to make the most of opportunities to grow your social advertising revenues in Q4.

Next we’d recommend a detailed audit of your Facebook accounts. We offer free Facebook account audits for businesses we think have the potential to scale globally.

Drop us a message to request a free audit of your Facebook accounts. We’ll ask a few questions to establish your scaling potential, and then audit your accounts to find where improvements can be made to scale in new markets.

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