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Will Ashton Nest Performance Team

Written by Will Ashton

4th February, 2020

Getting back to work in January, the biggest thing on my mind has been how to communicate this relaunch.

It helped to look back to Hatch Group’s beginnings.

Since I founded Hatch Group with Stefan and Luke, our objective has remained the same: we wanted to fill the paid social skills gap we saw everywhere we looked.

Most businesses we were talking to knew that channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat could send their revenue to space. But most businesses weren’t upskilling their staff or bringing on paid social talent quickly enough to make the most of the opportunity.

Coming from Facebook and Google, we could see where things were heading. We knew how to hire the best talent, run training courses, and launch our own competition-beating campaigns.

But Nest, our paid social agency, was always the standout performer.

In 2019, something clicked for Nest. We doubled the size of our team, we worked with twice as many clients, and we achieved some incredible results.

These results were especially remarkable for our ecommerce clients. On average in the first 4 months of working with new ecommerce clients, we delivered 6.3X more sales, CPA decreases of -47%, and 3.3X increases to spend.

Growing Quickly Nest Performance Statistics Infographic

That’s why we’ve decided to work exclusively with ecommerce businesses in 2020.

As it becomes more difficult to drive revenue from Facebook every day, we’re seeing huge demand for paid social expertise among ecommerce businesses. Lots of these companies are coming to us, and we need to focus our efforts on serving this category.

We’ve already delivered amazing results from campaigns with companies like Huel, Papier and Depop, so it makes sense to grow by doubling down on what we know.

We want to be the first thing that pops into a marketer’s head when they’re puzzling over how to drive revenue through social spend. “Who you gonna call?

And with that focus comes an expectation of growth. But growth isn’t just about sticking to what we know. We’re also testing a new niche. We’ll be the first paid social agency that’s completely dedicated to growing ecommerce businesses.

That’s why we’ve launched a brand new site and restructured the senior team. Stefan, previously MD at Nest, will be COO, Luke is retiring Fly to become CCO, and I’ll head up Nest as CEO.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our shift in focus and hear your feedback on our new site. Plus if there was ever a good time to introduce us to someone you think we should be speaking to, now would be the time!

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