Ecommerce Insight: How much should you trust Facebook reporting?

Gabriel Hughes Metageni

Written by Gabriel Hughes

20th October, 2020

For most ecommerce brands, Facebook platforms are one of the most significant advertising channels for them to effectively reach their audiences.

However, with changes to Facebook’s  reporting windows being mooted, then delayed, and persistent concerns that Facebook may over value the importance of their ads; how many of these brands really know what value Facebook is actually driving for their businesses?

Data analytics specialists, Metageni examine the challenges faced by ecommerce marketers in truly understanding and attributing the value of Facebook advertising.  

Within the report Metageni investigates:

  • How Facebook measures data
  • How to move beyond ‘last click’ measurement and channel incrementality
  • Actionable advice on how brands can use testing and statistical modelling to provide robust attribution across their campaigns
  • The true value of Facebook advertising 

Gabriel Hughes is CEO at Metageni, a data analytics company that uses AI and machine learning to help companies grow online.

Leave a quick note to speak to the Nest team about finding the right attribution model for your ecommerce business.

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