Facebook Advertising Trends Report: Advertisers adapt to new privacy conditions in Q3

Will Ashton Nest Performance Team

Written by Will Ashton

18th October 2021

In this analysis we identify the key trends that ecommerce advertisers encountered in Q3 and benchmark critical Facebook performance metrics for retailers across global markets.

The second half of 2021 saw the effects of iOS 14.5 and the EU cookie consent prompt on data loss come to a head, resulting in advertisers shifting their Facebook targeting strategies in reaction.

The anticipated positive affect that 7-day click modelled data was predicted to have on CVR didn’t quite come to fruition, with data visibility issues still rife. There is now established evidence that those investing less in Facebook have been impacted more than larger advertisers as the loss in data has been exacerbated by low spend.

The most notable changes in observed performance metrics were a significant YoY jump in CTR, whilst CPMs briefly fell breaking a long term trend. DABA remained an efficient strategy despite higher competition, with advertisers continuing to spend on DABA and as a result Carousel ads.

Download the report below for the full analysis.

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