Numan: Nest's creative testing roadmap reduced CPA by 38% and increased purchases 5x

Written by Ian Fullagar

11th September, 2021

Numan offers a digital subscription service for healthcare treatments such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hair loss, gut and lung health and nutritional deficiencies.

Nest’s testing roadmap yielded impressive YoY results for Numan:

February 2021 vs. February 2020

  • Spend: 3.25x
  • Purchases: 5.15x
  • CPA: -37%
  • Conversion rate: +81%
Sokratis Papafloratos

Founder and CEO

“Nest clearly understands the relationship between creative and performance. Through testing they told us when new creative was needed, while their Nest Studio service reworked existing creative into new formats that performed better on Facebook.

Continuously testing audiences to find new prospecting audiences through interest groups allowed us to scale prospecting cost-efficiently.

Meanwhile adding promo messaging to existing offers boosted performance, while launches of products such as blood test kits drove down overall CPA as they ran at 45% below target CPAs.”

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