How Seraphine Scaled Internationally with Nest Performance

Stefan Cataldo Nest Performance Team

Written by Stefan Cataldo

24th April, 2020

Seraphine hero image

Seraphine is a fashion business with more than 17 years of experience designing maternity clothes. 

With the majority of sales driven by its online store, Seraphine was looking for a way to scale revenue in global markets. 

The fashion brand wanted to drive customer acquisition across European and US markets through Facebook, but struggled to keep CPA low as Facebook’s advertising costs rose with more competition from advertisers using its platform.

Without understanding the most effective way to reach new audiences through Facebook advertising, Seraphine recognised that they needed to partner with an expert agency that would help them reach their goals.

We’ll send you a PDF which outlines the approach we took to scale Serpahine’s paid social advertising into new markets.

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