SPOKE: Uncovering acquisition opportunity in secondary markets

Written by Sarah Geoffrion

12th November, 2021

Spoke is a London-based bespoke menswear brand dedicated to creating perfectly fitting clothing.

When Spoke first partnered with Nest, buying intent in the UK was low due to a national lockdown. When assessing opportunities for Spoke to scale acquisition in other markets, Nest uncovered CPAs in Germany had steadily climbed since 2020.

To drive these CPAs down, Nest launched our proprietary cross-border strategy, made recommendations to improve Spoke’s on-site conversation rates, and introduced Nest Studio to repurpose existing creative into fresh ads optimised for performance.

This resulted in CPAs declining 60% in Germany while scaling spend 15%. 

SUllivan Gimaret

Head of Growth

“To overcome rising CPAs in Germany throughout 2020, Nest highlighted areas to improve conversion rate on-site and introduced a cross-border strategy on Facebook. Since implementing, we have achieved a 60% drop in CPAs, which has beat targets and created an opportunity to further scale this market.”

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