Wild: turning a domestic DTC into an international brand

Written by Juliette Sheehan

15th August, 2021

Wild is a UK-based sustainable and natural personal care brand disrupting the cosmetics industry. Their primary customer acquisition channel is social, which sits at the core of their marketing strategy.

Following a successful launch and a period of substantial growth in the UK home market, Wild noticed the cost-effectiveness of paid social was decreasing for their brand. With Facebook CPAs rising at an unprecedented rate, Wild looked to Nest to re-capture growth efficiencies.

After conducting an operational audit, it quickly became apparent that account consolidation and creative ideation were the key to unlocking sustainable growth for this sustainable brand. Implementing these changes and fully leveraging Nest’s creative offering Nest Studio enabled Wild to regain performance whilst scaling the UK market.

With a strong position quickly reestablished in their home market, Wild became confident in pushing the business beyond the UK. Using Nest’s proprietary cross-border strategy, Wild successfully launched in 34 new markets in 1 year, taking them from a UK DTC to a global brand.

We’ll send you a PDF which shows how we worked with Wild to scale the brand’s Facebook campaigns in new markets after its revenue shrunk due to store closures with Covid-19.

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