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Will Ashton Nest Performance Team

Will Ashton


Before founding Nest, Will spent 5 years at Google and then went on to lead teams managing over $250m in Facebook ad spend at Experian and, more recently, Nanigans.

When he’s not at work, Will loves a hike, a whisky, and a wild night in with the lads. The lads in question being his (mostly) adorable sons, Jake and Arlo.

Stefan founded Nest after leading Nanigan’s EMEA team as MD. He also led one of Google’s first teams outside of Dublin and managed ad tech growth in emerging markets for Facebook.

In his spare time Stefan likes to travel around the world, but is also more than happy to sit on the sofa and watch films with his Cavapoo Frankie.

Stefan Cataldo

Stefan Cataldo


Luke Jonas Nest Performance

Luke Jonas


Luke is one of Nest’s founding members and comes from a thoroughly commercial background.

He grew the partnerships division of ecommerce platform I Want One of Those and has launched Flurry’s mobile ads and analytics platform across Europe. He loves plants, so took it upon himself to convert the Nest office into a rainforest.
Before settling into his role as Nest’s Director of Client Services, Dan spent 10 years working at some of the UK’s leading Performance Marketing companies, including Blowfish Digital, Nanigans and Fetch.

He’s a self-confessed nerd, and when he’s not learning the ropes of fatherhood, he’s probably playing video games.
Dan Lyttleton Nest Performance

Dan Lyttleton

Director of Client Services

Tom Wiseman Nest Performance Team

tom wiseman

Head of Strategy

Tom has 13 years of experience managing performance-based marketing campaigns across multiple channels for brands including Bet365, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power.

Tom thinks nothing of hurtling down snow-capped mountains on his board, but is a complete wimp when it comes to needles.

Bethan joined Nest from Nasdaq-owned SaaS firm eVestment, where she scaled the regional business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as Head of Marketing.

Bethan grew up in Edinburgh, where she was once made dinner by JK Rowling.

Bethan Riddell

Head of Marketing

Ginters Smiltnieks

Marketing Executive

Ginters joined Nest from Please Connect Me, where he led the B2B marketing department. He has also turned his hand to ecommerce, launching his own store whilst furloughed. A bit of a prodigy, at just 16 he developed a mobile game, leading to almost half a million downloads on Google Play Store. 

Ginters loves playing beach volleyball and surfing but his true passion is Mexican cuisine, having lived there for 2 months. 

Before joining Nest, Suzy worked at Myprotein, where she scaled social spend to more than 5x what it was when she started.

Suzy is a weightlifting champ with a degree in psychology – an unstoppable combo that we can only pray she uses for good.

Suzy Shaw

Head of Delivery

Sarah Geoffrion Nest Performance

Sarah Geoffrion

Head of Delivery

Since Sarah moved away from a career in Fine Art to pursue a degree in Commerce, she has worked as a Facebook Campaign Manager for ecommerce clients including Seraphine, Josh Wood Color and Heist.

Her clients recognise her star quality, not least because she once appeared in Oscar-winning film, Arrival.

Jenny has worked in sales and marketing for most of her career, including 10 years at Google. Over the past four years she’s been working with e-commerce brands like Lacoste, to accelerate their growth through paid social.

When she’s not at work, Jenny is a big fan of musical theatre and ballet. She is terrified of pigeons and goes to great lengths to avoid them.

Jenny Jones

Head of Delivery

Rodrigo Aspillaga

Head of Delivery

Rodrigo joined Nest from Mediacom, where he led teams working on the Adidas and Reebok accounts.

He was also one of the very first advertisers to launch dynamic ads on Snapchat in Europe. Before working in paid ads, Rodrigo lived in Peru, where he worked in corporate banking.

Studying biological sciences prepared Annabelle for a career in digital marketing, where breakthroughs come from spotting trends in data. She’s worked on paid acquisition for brands including Superdrug and Kurt Geiger, where Facebook published her work as a best-practice case study.

Annabelle’s lived all over the world and has attended seven different schools, one of them a part-time school for pro-surfers.

Annabelle Rogers

Head of Delivery

Charlie Collier

Head of Delivery

Before joining Nest, Charlie had turned his hand to growing customer acquisition across a range of verticals, from festivals to furniture. It’s no surprise then that his multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving won him the Global Strategic Thinker award while he was at Leeds University.

But Charlie’s biggest achievement to date is when he played a hole in one in real golf. Not mini golf.

Ellen’s paid social expertise includes managing campaigns for Amazon Prime, Warner Bros and Superdrug.

When she’s not in the office, she loves going to the theatre and doing all the other typical millennial things you can expect from Time Out London’s Instagram.

Ellen Whyte Nest Performance

Ellen Whyte

Head of Delivery

Ian Fullagar

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Ian’s a computer science graduate who’s worked on growing brands’ online channels for the past three years. Since joining Nest he’s worked with the team to quickly scale the Numan and Rapanui accounts.

He’s a big fan of sports and reality TV shows, and is fluent in Cantonese.

Oli moved to the UK from Hong Kong to study Sport and Exercise Science, but after a year working at a sports organisation in New Zealand, he discovered a passion for marketing.

At Nest Oli introduces ad strategies for some of our biggest ecommerce clients, and outside of work he loves to keep fit, watch rugby, and travel the world.

Oliver Wu Nest Performance

Oliver Wu

Performance Marketing Manager

Sophie Watson

Performance Marketing Manager

Sophie has experience building paid social campaigns from the ground up for clients including The Body Shop and Nest client The Night Sky.

She loves running, listening to ABBA, and taking hundreds of photos with her film cameras. She also runs an Instagram account with Ellen (scroll up) to review London’s restaurants.

Before joining Nest to scale fashion clients including ME+EM, Juliette worked for Zoopla as a campaign executive.

She’s interested in using data to learn about other cultures, having studied Human Geography at the University of Reading. And with 14 years’ training, Juliette also used to teach girls to do ballet and tap.

Juliette Sheehan

Performance Marketing Manager

Mahfuz Ahmed

Performance Marketing Manager

Mahfuz was planning to go into engineering, but took up marketing instead when he got bored of looking at blueprints of buildings.

When he’s not at work Mahfuz is probably watching anime, working out, or learning about the science behind getting in shape.

Melissa has spent the past three years working on paid social campaigns for accounts including Apple, Holland & Barrett, and Space Brands. 

When she’s not growing her clients’ social campaigns, Melissa loves to travel around the world. She’s living in Manchester at the moment and is looking forward to joining the Nest team in London soon.

Melissa Cheung

Performance Marketing Manager

Luke spencer

Performance Marketing Manager

Luke joined Nest from MediaCom, where he managed and ran cross-border media strategies for brands like Adidas and Reebok with a focus on incrementality.

Luke enjoys travelling and exploring, having traversed many countries from Europe to South East Asia. He’s also a fan of surfing and played table tennis at a regional level when he was younger.

Originally from Bulgaria, Eve has a knack for languages and a keen interest in how they’re used within media and advertising, so it’s not surprising she aced her BA Hons in English Language, Communication, and French.

She’s also a big fan of sci-fi and likes to play video games and binge-watch movies whenever she gets the chance.
Eve Lebedova Nest Performance Team

Eve Lebedova

Performance Marketing Manager

Jonny Forsey

Performance Marketing Manager

Before joining Nest, Jonny worked as a performance marketer at travel company Flash Pack. He’s got a background in photography and videography, a skillset that has come in handy for paid social campaigns.

Since starting at Nest, he’s worked on scaling the Numan and Scandibørn accounts.

Ollie has worked on paid social campaigns for brands around the world while working as part of a digital marketing team at a creative agency in London.

He’s a Manchester United fan and once shook hands with David ‘Safe Hands’ Seaman. He can therefore vouch for the safety of David’s hands.

Ollie Caswell

Performance Marketing Manager

Stephanie Terziyski Nest Performance

Stephanie Terziyski

Performance Marketing Manager

Stephanie is a Russian speaker who worked in event management before joining Nest’s graduate programme.

She’s got ‘trypophobia’, which means she’s scared of circles, so we’re all trying hard to remember to use coasters for our coffee in the office.

Before joining Nest, Becca studied psychology at Loughborough, taught at a special needs school, and travelled around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand for three months.

Becca loves to watch David Attenborough documentaries, but her fear of whales makes watching Blue Planet difficult.
Becca McCoy Nest Performance

Becca McCoy

Performance Marketing Executive

Edward Rogers

Performance Marketing Executive

Before joining Nest, Edward worked at Zoopla, where he ran campaigns for new home developers.

Outside of work he’s a keen cyclist, and he also makes a mean sourdough. But most impressively, Edward can solve a Rubik’s cube in just 54 seconds.

Amabel joined Nest with bags of experience working on paid social campaigns for fashion brands including Net-a-Porter and H&M.

Before working in performance marketing, Amabel was working on performances. She once sang on Songs of Praise and has won two Lambda Awards for speech and drama. Interestingly, each of Amabel’s parents are one of twins, but they’re unlikely to pass the gene on to her.

Amabel Phillips

Performance Marketing Executive

Laurence Carden

Performance Marketing Executive

Before joining Nest, Laurence was responsible for designing and running ads on Pinterest and Twitter. His proudest achievement to date is a button that Twitter added to its ad platform after he suggested it.

Laurence has always understood the power of brand. When he was 11, he built a website for guinea pig owners, complete with a custom theme song.

Sophie initially joined Nest as an intern in 2018, before going on to do a Master’s degree in acting.

We’re glad to have her back! Sophie loves going to the theatre, of course, and she once took a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Sophie Walton

Performance Marketing Executive

Daisy o’Donnell

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Before joining Nest, Daisy studied digital film production at Ravensbourne, and turned her hand to producing short films and music videos.

Outside of work, she likes getting physical working on DIY projects and incorporating graphic design. But don’t judge a book by its cover – Daisy has also done around 8 years of MMA training.

Before starting his career at Nest, Michael studied Sports Psychology at Bournemouth. He has traveled across South America and even hiked to Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia.

Michael is passionate about golf and football, but also appreciates good food and music. At the peak of his golfing career (aged 13-19) he represented Surrey County in an international tournament.

Michael Puttock

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Max ball

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Prior to Nest, Max studied Marketing in Brighton alongside completing a number of marketing internships. Travel is his second passion, and he’s visited many countries across South East Asia.

Outside of the office, Max enjoys flying down the slopes and rugby, with a career highlight playing for the First XV at university. Play close attention and you’ll notice his unique facial feature – two different coloured eyes.

Before joining Nest, Abi aced a Bachelors in Sociology at the University of Leeds, whilst juggling temporary jobs in tutoring, research and experiential marketing.


Abi has played the piano for over 12 years and danced since the age of 3, she also loves to cook anything with pasta. Stay on her good side though as she once placed 4th at a national Jiu Jitsu competition.

Abi Bateman

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Ruby Broad

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Before joining Nest, Ruby studied Human Geography in Sheffield and carried out an internship for a sustainable interiors company, where she grew their monthly Pinterest views tenfold. 

A woman of many talents, Ruby is fluent in Korean, loves sewing her own clothes and has even made her own perfume. 

Before launching his performance marketing career at Nest, Adam developed a breadth of skills across a number of areas including master bartender and airline service extraordinaire. Impressively, Adam is the proud owner of his own ecommerce store and once he even tried to launch a new social media platform.

Besides making mouth-watering cocktails, Adam also enjoys cycling and poker. Adam could really do with eyes in the back of his head though as the only stroke he can swim is backstroke.

Adam Brodzinski

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Ellen coulthard

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Ellen studied Physical Geography at Bristol, and travelled South East Asia after graduating. But really Ellen is our own NHS hero, having spent 7 months working on the Covid wards.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking and loves to have themed dinners with her housemates. Her party story is that the inspiration for her name came from the name of the Leeds United Football Stadium, Elland Road, as her Dad is a huge Leeds fan.

Before joining Nest, Dionne studied marketing in London and recently graduated from the WYK digital marketing training program. Beforehand, she used to teach English to primary school children. 

Besides being great with kids, she’s great with animals too – she currently has 6 animals including 2 exotic degus (google it!). Dionne enjoys quiet weekends restoring antiques, but gets her thrills freediving and snorkelling.

Dionne Hughes

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Charlotte Snuverink

Junior Performance Marketing Executive

Originally from the Netherlands, Charlotte studied Art History and Fashion before joining Nest. Impressively, she graduated with a distinction in fashion…without ever making a single garment.

After university, she travelled solo to India to pursue yoga teacher training and is still an avid yogi but now from her base in London.

Originating from Prague, Petra is our office manager with a background working for architecture and construction firms. Petra is most happy getting stuck into a book, preferably while on holiday with her family.

Petra Marks

Office Manager

Ankur Shah

Ankur Shah

Board Advisor

Criminal barrister turned serial entrepreneur Ankur has built a number of multi-million-pound businesses from the ground-up over the past decade.

His previous businesses included Techlightenment, a social media company sold to Experian in 2011, and Mahabis, a lifestyle brand that sold more than one million shoes and generated over $80m in revenue.